A.I. Technology


We provide a complete solution to automate the structured and unstructured documents transformation. Business owners are therefore empowered to create and deploy their own workflow of document processing.


Automate end-to-end processes


Take control and manage every processes rely on complex documents.


Build up automation workflow to capture benefits across enterprise processes.


Take advantage on intelligent document processing to automate business processes.

Our advantages

Intuitive UI

Based on intuitive UI, our platform is made for business users. We use Low Code approach to speed up your setup , and so far, we have amazing

Single solution for automation

We extract data from variety of document formats and layouts. Smart Layers integrates with the leading systems and offers services for tailor-made integrations

Security requirements

Your data are secured in our platform 24-hour, 365 days, allowing you to know your information is always in safe hands.

AI/ML based platform

Smartlayers extracts valuable data locked in emails, invoices, contracts etc., utilizing our AI and ML.

What makes us different


98% accuracy in extraction


Complete end to end solution to fix processes with AI before automation


Proprietary and top notch ML models


Custom and pre built templates to address most cases in unstructured data


Fully compliant with any data sources and open platform to ease integration


Fully secure, multi tenant and compliant with ISO compliant standards

How does it works?

Smart Layers helps to automatically process document traffic. We receive documents (invoices, purchase orders, claims,etc.) and automate business processes.

smart layers document extraction
How does it works?

More about our services

Receive multi-language documents from multi-source

Smart Layers enables to receive documents from multiple data sources. No matter the file format (images, PDF, scanned documents) and document types (structured, unstructure), Smart Layers ingest massive documents. Smart Layers can pick-ups your documents from your location or have them routed directly to our platform

Cleanup and normalize documents to handle accuracy issue

Smart Layers works to understand your documents and data, providing the best data entry and cleaning solution for your needs. Through our state-of-the-art OCR/ICR technology, our data validation and stringent quality control processes assure your data are accurate.

Automated document classification

Smart Layers identifies contents in a document, tag it, and categorizes the document based on the insights derived from text classification. In smart layers workflow, ML techniques are used to tdentify the file format, the document structure and the document type

AI-based documents capture

Smart Layers provides an innovative solution to overcome the gaps in both NLP and OCR solutions. We combine the best deep-learning-driven NLP and Computer Vision. With 99% of accuracy, our Smart OCR component is able to process all document types - plain text, tables, and forms - all without relying on any technical skills from our users.

Double approaches relying on Human and RPA to validate data

Smart layers embedded automated data validation. RPA, fuzzy logic, Supervised learning, Predefined business rules can be easily setup to validate data Smart layers embedded manual data validation : a human in the Loop AI Powered document understanding is provided to easily correct any extraction errors using our low-code and easy interface.

Large automation and 0 interruptions workflow

Smart Layers provides integration solution to avoid time wasted on manually handling endless exceptions. We connect directly with both the senders and your systems to automate the workflow.

Why do we combine IDP with RPA?

Business process that involves documents, should be automated and managed directly by business users.
Standard RPA systems need available data to work with while data extraction to run automations is often a separate system. Smart Layers remove integration issues by bringing together IDP and RPA systems.
When Intelligent Document Processing is combining with RPA platform, business users are empowered to automate automate processes end-to-end.

IDP with RPA
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